Why we like to meet you first

We believe in customer service and we want to be the best at it. To us this means meeting with every customer, reviewing the project together and sharing information that will help make the project process easier.

Know your contractor

We think its important for customers to know who'd potentially be in their home for the duration of the project. We're certain we can answer questions customers have about the process they're about to embark on, what products are best for their needs, and anything else that might come up during the visit. 

Know your cost

We never want to provide an estimate then come back later to say it'll cost more time and money. Reviewing the project beforehand eliminates time and money changes along the way so everyone is on the same page from the very start. Every job is unique. We've been painting for 18+ years, full time as a Braun Painting since 2009. Every contract has been different. Not every 12x14 room is the same. There could be more windows or closets to work around; wall or ceiling damage to repair; elaborate trim to work around; more outlet and switchplate covers to remove and replace; difficult colors to paint over; or other decorative elements we need to consider. All these factors affect painting hours and number of gallons. When we send a quote, the price is the final price.

We believe in what we do professionally and at the end of the day, its more important that we've provided guidance and counsel vs. win a contract. Of course from a business standpoint, we'd love to work with everyone but from a realistic standpoint, we know that's not always possible.  If we leave a visit feeling great and the customer feels the same, that's a win for us.